Transportation and Shipping!

We love for new families to come to the farm for pickup but we have several that travel across the country and even across the sea to get to their new families! 


*Ground Shipping- We use Puppy Travelers for ground shipping inside the United States. They do not come directly to your home though. When deciding on a puppy if shipping is something you will need you will have to give me your city and state and after contacting Puppy Travelers I can see where the closest stop location to you is. Unfortunately the days and times that you would have to meet them is not that flexible as it is on their timline. Puppies leave from here on a Sunday and are to their new homes on Tuesday or Wednesday of the same week. They are USDA certified and take the best care of the pups. They drive straight through to decrease the amount of time the puppy is on the truck and to get them to you faster! Ground shipping at this time is 300$ per puppy under 12 weeks of age! You pay them directly before transport. 


*Flight Nanny

I only have 1 flight Nanny that I will use! Marlene Weiss with International Pet Logistics! She is very organized and thorough and great to work with if you are needing out of the country transport especially. Please keep in mind this is not inexpensive and it takes quite a bit of time to get all the necessary paperwork, vaccinations, etc set up.  and on facebook