Papichon Puppies!

The Papichon is a hybrid dog breed; a mix between the Bichon Frise and the Papillon. Both parent breeds are appealing in their own right: the Papillon with their silky fur and big, butterfly shaped ears, whilst the Bichon is a white, woolly bear of a canine!  The Papichon is a relatively rare hybrid breed, but their sweet personality makes them worth tracking down. A small to medium-sized dog, they have abundant fluffy fur and often have the eye patches and colour-point ears of the Papillon. They love to be adored and their number one aim in life is to be with their owner.  On the whole, however, a well-adjusted Papichon makes a great apartment pet and invaluable member of the family. 

The Papichon has a lovely, sunny nature. Their biggest pleasure in life is to be with their owner, whom they absolutely adore. They are characterful, and generally know how to endear themselves to everybody. Indeed, when socialised well from puppyhood, they are also friendly with strangers, who they view as yet more potential sources of love.


The Papichon is an intelligent dog and their aptitude for obedience training and agility should not be underestimated. They will thrive with the opportunity for one-to-one training with their owner. As with all dogs, reward-based training methods work best with a Papichon. This method uses encouragement (in the form of praise, games, or treats) to reward the dog when they do well. This makes them eager to please in order to win those delicious treats.


Those cute curls do require a moderate amount of maintenance to keep the coat in good shape. Whilst coat textures and lengths will vary, the Bichon-gene means it may way grow continuously, making parlour trips a necessity, every couple of months.  Regular grooming at home is also necessary, to prevent knots and tangles. Get the puppy used to being combed and brushed from an early age. Spend time walking the adult dog on pavements, which will help wear their nails down. 

Matilda's Puppies

Born 12/15/2023

Available to homes after 2/9/24

$800 only 1 boy available