Maltechon Puppies!

The Maltichon was developed by crossing the adored Maltese and the smart Bichon Frise. Both parent breeds originally belonged to the Bichon type of dog. The Bichon descended from a Poodle and a Barbet (water spaniel) and were used as sailing dogs. They have a long history of making great companions and have remained a sought-after dog breed for generations.

 This breed is known for having a very calm yet playful personality. They have warm demeanors and are very approachable. They are pleasant to be around and are not known for aggression. Maltichons are also known to get along well with children and other pets in the household. This breed makes a fantastic family pet and will quickly bond with its family.


Paisley Lou's Puppies

Born 9/2/2023


Available to homes after 10/28/23