What we feed our puppies!

We feed Exclusive Signature Puppy, Chicken and Brown rice formula to all our puppies!

We start out by softening the food with warm water to introduce them to it and make sure they get a good start at eating and then puppies gradually transition to the unsoftened form! All our puppies always have access to free feed and water! This is something we know will change upon going home and everyone will choose to do something different depending on your household schedule! 

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Little Cesar's

Little Cesar's is something we keep on hand at all times! We highly suggest new families get this to have on hand for when they bring their puppy home (especially the smaller breed puppies). Sometimes with change in scenery and the stress, puppies will want to not eat. Giving them a little of this helps them to get the protien that they need and no matter the flavor, they can't resist it! It is also really easy to get and often can be found at Dollar General or the corner convenience store!

Dehydration Prevention/Treatment

First and Foremost ALWAYS call your Veterinarian FIRST!

 Dogs experiencing dehydration develop imbalances in their electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, and chloride. Vomiting and diarrhea, for example, often cause a loss of electrolytes, while dogs with heat stroke or heat exhaustion often have higher than normal levels of these electrolytes in which Pedialyte could actually worsen their symptoms. If your dog can drink fluids and is not vomiting, plain water is recommended and is a much safer choice over Pedialyte.

Recipe for electrolyte fluid replacement for dogs: 

1- Mix 4 cups of water + 1 tablespoon dextrose or honey + 1 teaspoon salt. 
2-Bring the water to a low boil and add the dextrose/honey and salt. Stir until it dissolves. Remove from heat. Allow the solution to cool to room temperature before giving it to your pet. 
3-Offer small amounts of the solution, 1 teaspoon - 1 tablespoon depending on the size of your dog, every 20-30 minutes.


**information sourced from ( https://firstvet.com/us/articles/can-dogs-drink-pedialyte )

Puppy Lyte from Revival Animal Health

We use this when weaning small breed puppies as an added safeguard in keeping them healthy during the weaning process!

This is a great option for new puppy ownerd and inexpensive. 

  • Helps maintain hydration and replenish electrolytes
  • Supports energy production
  • Provides amino acids and minerals including sodium chloride, taurine, calcium, and potassium
  • Helps maintain normal fluid balance in the blood and tissue

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Revival Animal Health is a great, safe place to get products for your pets!